What is it?

Talking DOSBox is just what it says, a special version of DOSBox which comes up talking and lets you play old games and run old software written for DOS. It is not MS-DOS, FreeDOS, or Windows, although it should be able to run Windows 3.1 programs. It is a DOS emulator, so not all programs written for DOS will work properly or at all. There are many factors which determine how well it works such as what processor you have, how much memory and what programs you're trying to run. Specifically, the 4DOS command interpreter more or less doesn't work. Text games and sound-based games such as those from PCS should work fine. These packages are designed for the blind, so if you're reading this and you don't use a screen reader, these files will probably be of very little interest to you. If you're running a version of real DOS, you don't need this package. This package won't run on a DOS-only system. The games may be of interest if you have a way to extract them.

Getting Started

To get started, get the talking_dosbox.zip file and unzip it somewhere, such as c:. It doesn't matter where you extract it, but we recommend leaving the directory structure intact and unzipping it in the root of a drive. It will create the directory automatically. Most of the files can safely be left alone, but you might want to look in the cdrive folder to familiarize yourself with what's included. You will also need 7-zip to extract the .7z files. Most of the files have long filenames which are hopefully self-explanatory. You will probably want the unz600x3.exe program which is the Info-zip Unzip for DOS. This allows you to extract zip files within DOSBox. There is also a version of 7-zip for DOS.

Other Notes

As you probably gathered, the default package is designed for Windows, but the DOSBox software runs on the Mac and Linux as well. If you get it running on these operating systems, please send instructions to be included here.

If you have old DOS software which works with speech, please read the Upload Instructions for the ftp upload information. Note that the ftp upload account is write-only, meaning that files can't be downloaded from there. A web-based option is also available upon request.

We did not write the README file you see on the main page. It and the package itself was put together by PM's World and we are greatful.

If you like this project, you might want to join the . We do not host the list and are not responsible for anything you find in this directory or subdirectories.


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